Audrey Hepburn has been admired and emulated almost from the moment the world met her in Roman Holiday. She popularized the “little black dress” and normalized her elfish look in a Marilyn Monroe world. But what really makes us love Audrey? I believe it was her inner beauty that drew us all to her and inspires us still today. And although we may think “oh, there could be no one as wonderful as Audrey,” her secret really was to just care about others and let it show in the way she treated them. She was one person who made a difference, one person at a time, simply by showing them that they were respected and making them feel cared for. Imagine if more of us would slow down and do the same?

On How To Be Lovely is a concept I (Kendal) came up with this year after connecting with two other Audrey admirers via Instagram. Yes, we have all heard the wonderful things said about Audrey in various documentaries and biographies, but what was it about her – what did she do, what did she say – that made a lasting impact on those she met? Our mission is to travel across Europe, stopping in many places where Audrey filmed and lived – from London to Rome – and speak with people who encountered her along the way. We want to follow the trail of kindness that she left in the world and learn from Audrey, how to be lovely.

Along the way, we plan to explore her homes and sets and share those experiences with the latest 360 technology, allowing our audience to join us and experience Audrey’s world.

If you or anyone you know have had a personal experience meeting Audrey Hepburn, or if you would like to help us realize this project in another way, please contact us via our contact page. Thank you!