Hello, visitors! I’m going to be posting updates on any progress we’re making with our project, and this will be the first of them!

I (Kendal) had the opportunity to get myself over to Morges, Switzerland this past week to view the Elegant Friendship exhibit at the Morges Castle and Fondation Bolle. I also took a bus over to Tolochenaz to see if I would run into anyone there who knew Audrey, and to drop off a letter at her old home in hopes that they may welcome us in for filming next year.

In Morges I was able to say hello to Maxime, one of the organizer of the exhibit I had been emailing, and take a stroll around the town. It was a bit overwhelming, and as someone new to projects like this I wasn’t sure where to begin once I was there! I decided that I would at least take some video to create a teaser trailer to promote the project and to have for use on our crowdfunding page when and if we set that up. So I handed my friend my camera and had him film me in a few locations. We then set off for Tolochenaz, which was pretty void of people, being such a tiny town. I had thought perhaps I could pop into some stores and see if there were people old enough to have remembered her, but there wasn’t much going on! We walked up to her house to drop off my letter, and then over to the graveyard to say hello.

So the trip wasn’t as productive as I had hoped it might have been, but I did at least get video, which is important. I will be supplementing it with video in Paris in the coming weeks and then editing it together to share here.

I have been gathering as much contact information as I can for people I would like to reach out to, and thinking of ways to really reach out to others who may not be so accessible.

We are still seeking a partnership with a documentary producer or company who can help us in the realization of this film, so that we can be sure to do it well and have a finished product that is really worthy of our fair lady.